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    1. How did you get into producing electronic music? What was your main influence?
    I am a huge fan of metal music and I came to realize that the 2 genres are extremely similar and after a couple fall-outs with some bands I was in I just decided to start doing music on my own and EDM production just kind of fell right into place to be the perfect way for me to continue on with my music.

    2. How did you decide on the name Teriszega?
    Well, I’m a huge soccer fan and a couple of my friends an I always used to go to this abandoned Sega parking lot to play or soccer and these guys also showed me this new genre of music e.g. skream, benga, coki, caspa, and rusko that was getting really popular in the U.K. All of us really liked the player Thierry Henry of France so I was thinking of names one day and I kind of blended the 2 names together “Thierry” and “Sega” and just mashed it up to be Teriszega

    3. What do you think it is that makes your music stand out from other producers? How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened to it before?
    I never went to school to learn how to produce and I basically completely self taught when it comes to producing so I feel like since I don’t really know the “rules” per say, that it makes it a lot easier to bend them and come out with something new that other people aren’t doing. I have also been told by plenty of other producers that I sort of have an unorthodox style of making music. I would describe it as energetic, melodic and multi-genr.

    4. What is the biggest challenge when producing electronic music?
    Starting off the song. Because it’s like having a blank easel and you know you have to start drawing in all these intricate lines

    5. Are you signed to a label or looking to sign to a label?
    I have had numerous indie record labels contact me in the past but I am waiting to get an offer from a bigger record label to I can be fully happy with who I am signing my music with.

    6. What are some of your immediate music career goals? (Next 1-3 years)
    Start playing large shows with the producers that I look up to and respect, and maybe even play a big festival like Electric Forest or Electric Daisy Carnival.

    7. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
    Oh man there’s so many. I would really love to collaborate with Figure, Seven Lions, School Boy, Wolfgang Gartner, Gramatik, Flosstradamus, Madeon, Eptic, Bonobo, Dillon Francis… the list goes on and on, but I would also like to collab with metal bands like Born Of Osiris and Periphery I feel like that would be a really cool fusion of genres.

    8. Do you have any new releases coming up we should look forward to?
    As of right now I’m not really working on any tracks I’m just trying to work on promoting myself and expanding my audience, as well as talking with venues in starting to play live shows.

    9.  Ever had anything embarrassing happen while performing? If so, mind sharing?
    T:I haven’t really played a whole bunch of live shows but the only thing I can think of is probably just train-wrecking at a house party when I was drunk or something.

    10.  What has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a producer?
    Doing a remix of the song Rapture for PoetNameLife (the co-producer/ DJ of The Black Eyed Peas.) That was really honoring to have someone of that status want me to remix his song.

    11. What direction would you like to see the EDM community go in?
    As far as the music I would like to see more live instruments be incorporated into live sets, and as far as the people in the community I would like to have people be more responsible with their actions and not have to correlate illicit activities with enjoying Electronic Dance Music.

    12. What advice would you give to aspiring producers and DJs?
    Just keep working at it there’s something new that you can learn and implement into your music. EDM is still an emerging genre and it’s constantly changing so the sky’s the limit. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and take influences from other genres of music to make new blends of music. If it moves you, it will move others.

    13. Any last comments?
    Much love and support for WompWorthy! Love what you guys do keep it up! And support Teriszega! Like me on the Facebook and all that good stuff! Spread the word!


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