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    1. How did your career begin?
    “I started DJing just for fun, one of my buddies used to come by another friend’s house with his APC (I use an S4 on Traktor now for DJing and Ableton for production just for the record) and we would mess around on his stuff, it was addicting to me, like playing a video game. Instead of continuously annoying him to come over with his stuff everyday, I eventually bought my own setup and kept practicing at home. I got asked to play a house party a little while later, and I guess it all started from there.

    2. Where did the name Pandamonium come from?
    I always liked the darker, aggressive side of heavy bass music, and I wanted my live experiences to be out of control, things that people would never imagine happening at an EDM show, so I looked for a name that I thought really embodied that. I have so many ideas for live experiences, I just don’t have the money to create them quite yet. When that time comes, along with the style of EDM I like to produce, I think everyone will understand where the name PANDAMONIUM came from…

    3. What was the first event you ever played at?
    The very very first place I ever played out was an unofficial afterparty for Bassnectar at a friend’s house in Bloomington, IL (SHOUTOUT TO MY ISU FANS!) The first real “event” I played was probably Mini Fest (Planning Mini Fest 2 as we speak), which was a one day outdoor camping event thrown by us in Fox Lake, IL….that ishhhh was WILDDDD! I would actually like to make a shout out to Cody and his dad, Craig. We hosted the event on his Father’s property about a year ago and still to this day it might be one of the most successful events we’ve ever thrown. Sadly, a short while later his father passed away from Cancer. Cody and his Father both have a huge part in where I am at today, and I just want it to be known that I will never forget you guys…RIP Craig and much love to you Cody!

    4. What does the EDM community look like in your eyes?
    The EDM community is something all on its own, there’s nothing like it. The people are all (for the most part) the most unique, creative, lively, caring, loving, respectful people you will ever meet. Ive never been anywhere else in the world where people who are complete strangers act like they’re best friends. I’m from Chicago so for the most part if you bump into someone or even look at someone wrong they often say something negative, so the first time i experienced the EDM community it was unexplainable, it changed my life. The closest thing to heaven on earth…

    5. What is the best event/performance you have ever been to?
    Hmmmm…Idk if I can pick just one event that was the best thats so hard haha….Performance wise Bassnectar kills it every time regardless of what the haters say, but I might have to go with FIGURE. There is no one else on this planet like that guy, he’s the future of bass music. Great producer, great work ethic, and all around nice guy. I’ve been to every show he’s played in the Midwest and I’ve NEVER been disappointed…

    6. What other artists influence you? Could you name a couple other producers that you listen to, and EDM fans should know about?
    Like I said in the last question, FIGURE…If you consider yourself a fan of heavy bass music and have never heard of him you are SNOOZING! My second favorite is EPTIC out of Belgium, talk about young talent, that kid is KILLING IT! Jantsen’s the man too, i feel like he’s super underrated and i can’t understand why. Last but not least, if you haven’t heard of Teriszega get on it, good friend of mine and an amazing producer blowing up the scene right now…

    7. Are you currently working on any material to be released soon?
    I have one last mix I’ll be putting out for free download since so many people have been asking for another one, but after that I will only be putting up my own tracks. I’m working really hard on getting at least one track out by the end of July, but Im super picky and don’t want anyone to hear anything until Im more than happy with it. Let’s just say by the end of the year some PANDAMONIUM tracks and collabs should start flowing through your ear drums…

    8.  What should fans anticipate seeing from Pandamonium in 2012?
    Work, work, work….If I’m not out playing a show I’ll be in the studio, getting things done for 2013…

    9. What advice would you give to upcoming artists and promoters?
    Just do YOU, don’t listen to what ANYONE else tells you to do! Also, things don’t happen overnight, a lot of kids ask me questions and get frustrated that they’re not instantly the Beethoven of bass music, it doesn’t work like that! Lots of late nights on youtube tutorials, massive tutorials, production school, working with my other producer friends, and lots of messing around AKA PRACTICE; thats what got me here and I still have a lotttttt of work ahead of me. So don’t get frustrated and quit right away, WORK, WORK, WORK!

    10. What do you think about the idea of WompWorthy.com? Do you believe WompWorthy.com is effective in increasing the recognition and credit an artist receives? How do you feel about the idea of WompWorthy.com?
    I love WompWorthy, it’s perfect for unknown/slightly known artists to reach new ears and help them get a kick start in their career. You definitely increase credit and recognition as well, I can personally vouch for that as my plays went from hundreds to the thousands overnight once I had something uploaded to the page and the website, I couldn’t believe it…Much love to you guys!

    11. Do you have any upcoming performances?
    July 20th- Peacefest Campout 2.Oh in Yorkville, IL (about an hour from Chicago) http://www.facebook.com/events/350992604962924/July 28th- Pants Off Dance Off in Chicago, IL http://www.facebook.com/events/318278268242771/

    12. How do you feel about your fans?
    My fans are the best! They rage super hard and show so much love, there’s no other better feeling in the world! I swear whenever I’m sick, tired, or frustrated, there’s always someone that comes along perfect timing and says or does something that makes my day…They might not realize this but they are the ones that keep me going…as a matter of fact I was just asked by a fan to send them a sticker with my autograph the other day, stuff like that really means a lot, LOVE YOU GUYS!

    13. Do you have ways for fans to follow and receive exclusive Pandamonium updates and music? Do you have a FB page/Soundcloud/twitter where fans can follow you? What are the links?
    Yea I have all of those, I even have an Instagram haha, social networking is on another level these days…
    Facebook is www.facebook.com/imtherealpandamonium
    Twitter is www.twitter.com/#!/basspandamusic (@basspandamusic)
    Soundcloud is www.soundcloud.com/basspanda (You have to use the URL, if you try to look up my name in the search it won’t work for some reason, I’ve been trying to contact soundcloud for months about this, but it has yet to be fixed)
    Instagram is @basspandamusic

    14. Anything else you wish to add?
    Can’t wait to get some of these tunes cranked out for you guys and then hopefully I’ll eventually start visiting all of your hometowns one by one!

    WW: Thanks for the Interview and best of luck to you man!! :)


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