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    1. Can I call you Chuck? :)

    Haha I don’t care, that’s what all the kiddies called me in High School.

    2. When did you start producing music?

    I started producing on Sony ACID back when I was fourteen, then slowly moved onto FL Studio and on occasion ableton.

    3.Who are your main influences?

    I don’t know, man, I love Daft Punk and Chemical Bros and shit like Dirty Vegas, but as far as dubstep, the whole Circus lineup is pretty influential to me. They all have a big massive sound, and they stay pretty fucking funky too.

    4. What motivates you to keep producing?

    I’m addicted. Truly. Like I had a girlfriend leave me once, because she was literally jealous of the music. I love coming up with a new idea and then just geeking out, if I like a song it’s gotta make me laugh.

    5. What can fans do to uplift and motivate you to keep producing?

    Come out to the shows, buy the merchandise, or just share my music. I’ll stumble across somebody sharing my music to a friend and it just makes me smile.

    6. How do you handle mistakes during performances?

    Haha, well I drink a LOT live, so there are inevitably some mistakes depending on the show. I don’t really make many major mistakes, but if I fuck up a mix or leave the lows down or something I’ll just scream something dumb into the mic and take another pull of Jack Daniels.

    7. Do you think the idea the WompWorthy community is promoting is helpful to artists?
    DG:Yeah, I mean you guys are supportive of a LOT of good people, and you are quickly pulling together a nice cohesive community, that’s dope.

    8. Whats on the horizon for DarkGrey?

    Um, currently sorting out summer shows and tour ideas, working on a free EP for early summer, and starting promo for my first official EP dropping on Beatport June 4th! Thanks guys!

    WW: Thanks man, and good luck, can’t wait to hear that EP and hope to see you come to Chicago soon!


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