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    1. When and why did you start producing?

    I started producing roughly 4-5 years ago, at the age of 11, though it was a while before I would actually be making electronic music. Me and a friend both played guitar, and we wanted to form a rock band, but didn’t have a drummer or a bass guitarist. So I started using the popular GarageBand software to “make” our drums and bass. Eventually I started experimenting with more complex programs, as well as synthesized sounds, and started making trance, dance, and techno music, until finally discovering the more recently developing genres of EDM, such as dubstep, and instantly fell in love with the energy I thought that music carried, so I’ve been producing that ever since.

    2. Did your family support your musical career when you started out?

    At first, my family wasn’t completely sure what to think of the music that I made, and for a long time they didn’t understand what it even was. However, I have to say that since day 1, they’ve been supporting me completely in helping me market and get my music out there better, buying equipment, as well as just morally supporting me. I owe them a lot and if not for them, I would be nowhere near where I am now.

    3.  How do you balance your music with other obligations?

    After a very long time of having a lot of struggles with this, I guess I’ve just learned to prioritize. Any work, whether for school or at-home things that I need to get done, I always do first, and just put music into whatever time ends up remaining.

    4.  How do you describe your music to people?

    I don’t think that I ever need to. Anybody who knows that I make music has either listened to my songs before so they don’t need to have them described to them, or just generally classify it as dubstep and call it “different pitches of cable car accidents” (direct quote from one of my best friends), which I would say is actually quite accurate.

    5. Favorite concert?

    I’m actually only 16, so any EDM concerts that interest me I’m not allowed to go to yet, as practically all are 18+. Other than that I have seen a rock band called Billy Talent play live, and seeing as that is the only concert I have ever been to I guess that makes it my favorite.

    6. Do you have any upcoming shows?

    Unfortunately no, but hoping that can change soon, as I know a few people who will be setting some things up soon, and hopefully I will be able to be a part of some of that.

    7. How did you decide on the name Daenine?

    This is a very interesting story that I’ve told many times, and always love telling it. My original name was “D-Nin3”, which came from “D9”. “D9” written in roman numerals is “D-IX”, which was an experimental drug created by the Germans towards the end of World War II that increased mental and physical capabilities of soldiers. I thought it was perfect, because in my opinion “superhuman” soldiers can relate to the nature of dubstep – so aggressive and powerful, yet so simple and calm at the same time, specifically the melodic influences in my music.

    8. What is one challenge when producing electronic music?

    I would say that it’s getting inspiration. Because in most electronic songs the arrangements and all the instruments you use together are so complex and “over the place”, it’s very hard to do a detailed analysis of another song, so you usually have very little room to look for inspiration, and instead have to figure how to start a track on your own.

    9. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

    I’m actually extremely new to making dubstep. I haven’t produced more than 6 or 7 dubstep songs in my lifetime, and have only been doing it since roughly half a year ago.

    10. How do you feel about your fans?

    I feel really good about my fans, considering that they’re still there after all those times I’ve insulted then on my own Youtube videos (also known as trolling). All joking aside, my fans are amazing, and I’m really going to be working to provide them with as quality music as I can in the future.

    11. What time would you go back to if you could time travel?

    I would go back to the early 1900’s or late 1800’s. I’m dying of curiosity to see how all those black and white photos look like in color, and in high definition.

    12. What would you like to achieve in 2013 with your musical career?

    Just keep going at the rate I’m progressing at now. Of course, I’ll be extremely happy to have my music get bigger and bigger, but I can honestly say that if I keep growing at the rate I am now, even that will be more than enough for me.

    13. Are you currently working on any material to be released soon?

    I’m always working on new material – as soon as I finish something, I start something new, regardless of how slowly it ends up progressing. I have a few tracks lying around at the moment that are very close to done, not exactly sure what I’ll end up doing with all of them but as I don’t like to keep my fans waiting I’ll probably have something released as a free download within the next two weeks or so.

    14. How do you feel about WompWorthy.com?

    So much thanks to them, they’ve been supporting me since half a year ago, their blog really is amazing, and I have a lot of respect for them for just simply doing what they love, as well as they do it.

    15. Any last words?

    Always believe in yourself, and you will know how to ride a bike. Thumbs up, everybody.


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