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    1. What’s your full name? Do you have any nicknames?
    Dakota Ibrahim. Nickname: Dakto. Jk, that’s how they spelt my name on the North Coast lineup and I get crap for it all the time, haha.

    2. When and why did you begin producing?
    I started producing when I was 14, it was around that time when you just try different things out of curiosity. I was messing around at a music store by my house and made my first beat there on a demo Motif keyboard. I caught on really quick and it was history from then on.

    3. What is your favorite type of EDM?
    To be honest I love all forms of electronic music, I just happen to listen to a ton of dubstep. I guess some trance/house isn’t heavy enough for me at times. I used to produce a lot of hip hop, so any sort of beat I can bob my head to is cool with me.

    4. Which musicians have you looked up to or learned from?
    I look up to a ton of artists. Figure, xKore, Alvin Risk. Mostly the underground/upcoming artists in particular. I mean lets face it, they’re the ones who work the hardest, right? I had a friend I met at the music store I used to chill at, he was sort of like my mentor. He taught me the basics of production and what not, and its kind of all formed who I am as an artist today.

    5. How does it feel when playing at shows? Do you get nervous?
    I mean some people say they don’t get nervous but everyone does. When I’m putting together my set and like 10 minutes prior till I go on are the most nerve-racking. But once you’re on stage and you look out and see the crowd jamming to your stuff, I just go with it and be myself. It’s the biggest rush in the whole world.

    6. How do you handle mistakes during performances?
    Haha well, some mistakes are noticeable and some aren’t. I critique myself after all my performances like oh I could have did this or that better, but as long as you keep the crowd moving and entertained then nobody really pays attention to mistakes. I’ve been unplugged a couple times on accident which is so embarrassing, haha.

    7. What are your thoughts on the EDM scene?
    I’ve been in the scene for only a short time, only about 2 years and its already changed so much. The media has accepted it and it seems like its getting more and more mainstream. I don’t think the radio is ready to take on electronic music. They see it as a ‘fad’ when to some its a lifestyle, ya know?

    8. How do you balance your musical career with other obligations?
    It’s not too bad. I’m a part-time student, part-time worker, and full time producer all at the same time so it gets tough sometimes. To some producers music is all they’ve got, so they get more time in the studio than I do, but I make it work!

    9. How long does it take you to produce new tracks?
    It depends. If I’m having a good session and something just comes to me, I’ll knock it out relatively quick. Sometimes you could get producers-block and get stuck for a month without any ideas, but then something will come along and inspire you. On a good day, I’d say about a week.

    10. Why is Chicago the number one city for EDM?
    Because of our love for music. So many roots of music have risen from here, and even if not, we still manage to make the genre our own. Spring Awakening, North Coast, Lollapalooza, all these festivals have had HUGE names perform and made Chicago a hot spot for EDM.

    11. How do you feel about WompWorthy.com?
    You guys are seriously one of a kind. If it wasn’t for you, some of us artists wouldn’t be given the time if day. You put us in the spotlight and get our music out there for all to hear. Mad respect!

    12. Any last words?
    Thank you for having me, thank you for all that you do and thank you to all my fans! Look out for new music and I look forward to working with Womp Worthy more in the future!


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